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Your food truck is your business, your passion, and your livelihood. You want people to love your food, of course, but you also want to deliver an amazing customer experience with your food truck – and we take pride in our work knowing that your truck will bring joy to thousands of happy customers.

Build food truck

Customized food trucks & trailers. Top-quality design & build. Unique & personalized to reflect your brand. High-quality materials for stylish, functional & safe vehicles. Passionate about helping you succeed in the competitive mobile food industry

For Rent

Perfect solution for your food business! High-quality food & refrigerated trailer rentals. Safe temperature storage. Flexible plans to fit your needs. Contact us today

repair and remodeling

Smart Food Truck provides a variety of services for food trucks, including repair, custom design, upgrades, and remodeling. They also collaborate with RG Appliances to offer repair and maintenance services for refrigeration equipment. Choosing a reliable service provider is crucial to ensure your food truck is in good hands. Smart Food Truck is an excellent option for your food truck needs, and their collaboration with RG Appliances ensures high-quality services for food truck owners.

Build MOBILE walk-in Cold

Specializing in mobile walk-in cold storage trailers. Customized design, reliable materials, versatile for cooler or freezer storage. Get the perfect solution for your needs

Appliance Sales


we sell professional appliance of the best brands so that your food truck has the best performance you deserve.

MOre Services

Modeling & Design
Custom Dutch windows and doors