Food Truck vs Trailer: Which is the best mobile option for your business?

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Advantages and disadvantages

Food Truck


  1. Greater Versatility:
    It is ideal for continually moving to different locations and events.
    Flexibility to change location easily.
  2. Strong Visual Impact:
    It attracts more attention from passers-by and potential customers.
    Perfect for on-the-go events.
  3. Kitchen and Service in the Same Place:
    The entire food business operation is contained in the same space.


  1. Higher Initial Investment:
    Building or buying a food truck can be expensive.
    Requires specific permits to circulate and park.
  2. Maintenance and Mechanical Wear:
    It can suffer premature wear and mechanical failure if it remains fixed in one place.
    The kitchen space available is limited compared to a food trailer.

Food Trailer


  1. Ideal as a Fixed Location:
    Perfect for long seasons without engine wear.
    You can stay in one place for a long period of time.
  2. Larger Dimensions:
    Allows more space for cooking and storage. It can reach heights of up to 8 feet.
  3. Less Mechanical Maintenance:
    By not having a motor or mechanical parts, continuous maintenance is minimized.


  1. Less Visibility:
    Trailers can go more visually unnoticed by customers.
    Less notoriety to attract new clients.
  2. Mobility Limitation:
    They cannot change locations as easily as a food truck.
    Requires a vehicle capable of safely towing its weight.

Another important difference to consider is that food trucks are generally vehicles that already have a history of previous use (for example, for deliveries), accumulating high mileage. On the other hand, food trailers are designed and built completely new according to the client’s needs. This can affect not only the price and initial condition of the truck versus the trailer but also the useful life and maintenance requirements expected after a couple of years of operating the mobile business.

What do you prefer? Food Truck or Trailer? At Smart Food Truck we advise you so that you make the best decision according to your business model! 🚚🍔🌮

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